Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mission accomplished!!!!!

Move aside, Nobel Prize Laureates, Olympic gold medalists and Golden Globe winners!!! We have achieved the impossible dream!!! My 3 year old is officially and undeniably one hundred percent potty-trained since the last 2 months!!!!!!

That's right!! Bring out the balloons, pinata, hats and noise makers; we are ready to celebrate!! No more smelly, leaky, gooey diapers!! No more hauling back-breaking diaper bags all over town. No more "But I just changed you!!!!". No more trying to get poop stains out of clothes. No more trying to fit a 3 year old on a tiny changing table. I'm done with all that!!!

The child goes to the bathroom all by himself. He pees and poops all by himself. (I have to wipe him, but that doesn't count, does it?). He flushes, washes his hands, and shuts the door behind him (since my 11 month has a habit of sneaking into bathrooms when possible!!). He can be declared "a big boy" now!!! Ahhh, freedom!!

Now all that he has to do is learn to stay asleep in his own room...and find a cure for cancer, maybe!!!

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