Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tomorrow is Monday!!!

It's the end of another weekend. You know, when they say that time flies, they aren't kidding!! It's funny that even though I love Fridays because of the days after that, I sometimes dread it too. I know that a Monday and the routine that goes with it, is going to follow soon. Yup, wish I could make time stand still!! But I have been forcing myself to focus on just one day at a time, or else I feel like time is slipping between my fingers.

I'm always so focused on trying to accomplish something significant over the weekend, since my husband is around, and that means more man power (so as to speak!!). So, I have this long list of stuff that I need to get done. And I usually end Friday night by asking my beloved what our plans are for the weekend. It doesn't really matter what he says, because I always have one up my sleeve, and I let him know it. It always involves the words " clean up", "sort out" and "purchase". The first two are a drain on our energy while the last drains our wallet!! My complaint is that our home is not clean enough, neat enough, or practical enough. I'm shaking my head now as I write this, because I realise how complicated I make life. Honestly, right now at this moment, if I were to take a look at our home, I will say that it looks like that of a happy family with two kids; a three year old, who is still trying to grasp the concept of putting away one thing before taking out the other, while the 10 month is experimenting with food and the laws of gravity!! As for the, he's no neat-freak, who straightens the cushions on the couch before he goes to bed, or repositions the soap container just so....but he cleans as much as he can, bathes the kids, tucks them into bed, love me unconditionally every day, and of course, brings home the pay check. And that's the reason we have this beautiful home in the first place.

I did get into my weekend mode on Friday night again. Did I accomplish everything on my mental list? The office room is still a mess; there's "stuff" piled even higher on the floor of my bedroom; I have dirty dishes in the sink; the laundry is accumulating.....but you know, it's not the end of the world. It's not like we didn't accomplish anything at all. I mean, we had a great dinner tonight, thanks to some grilling on my husband's part. My kids were happy most of the weekend, especially today, since we had a favourite cousin visiting. We watched a "feel-good" movie, which is going to allow me to sleep peacefully at night, since it ended exactly the way I wanted it to! We enjoyed the great weather with boys in our background and bonded a little more with our neighbours. I had the opportunity to volunteer three hours of my time at my son's school with their consignment sale. I didn't make any purchases despite being surrounded by incredible stuff for kids!!! (More stuff would defeat the purpose of me trying to clean out my house!!). In short, I think we did pretty good this weekend.

I'm sitting in the office room right now, with things that need to be put away. But I will worry about that tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to focus on cuddling with my husband, and then my son, when he decides to join us in the middle of the night. And most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing my children's smiles when they wake up tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is Monday, and I will love every minute of it!!!

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