Sunday, October 7, 2007

Potty Time!!!

Ah yes, the most exciting time in a parent's life!!! Shiv's pediatrician suggested that we should try the whole potty training thingi, and so I've decided to jump right into it with gusto. My life is now dictated by my little timer, that screeches every one hour, signaling that it's time for the prince to sit on his throne. So I interrupt Shiv from whatever toy he's destroying, and talk to him like we're on our way to Disneyland. I will say that he does seem excited about sitting on the potty, which is really nothing but an infant seat that fits over the big one. He has his special stool so he can rest his legs as he proceeds to exercise his little 'pee pee' muscles. And then of course, he has own little library of books in a holder on the side of the toilet. He usually likes to pick which book to peruse while he goes about his business. He sometimes insists I read to him, and so I have to put on a show for the little fellow. The reading and talking are frequently interrupted with me making a hissing sound like a snake gone berserk, since I've been told, (and witnessed), that hearing that actually encourages the child to 'take a leak'.

We started just two day ago, so I'm not expecting miracles. But I was ecstatic the first time when he did what he needed to almost a minute later!! Oh my gosh!!! I high-fived him, and told him what a big boy he was becoming. And then I smothered him with hugs and kisses while diapering him. We immediately called my husband to inform him of his little boy's achievement. Alas my celebration was short-lived. The third time we took a trip to the water closet, I was all set for another round of cheering and clapping. Five minutes into the reading and my mouth dry with all the hissing, Shiv had not produced a single drop!!. But he still insisted on using the toilet paper and flushing the loo. Anyway, we kept trying over the course of the day. Some trips were successful and some weren't.

Now if we were in India, he would have been potty-trained by now, due to peer pressure (my peers, that is!!). Besides, it is easier back home, since the floors are not carpeted and it's easy to wipe the pee off of tiled floors. Toddlers do run around with bare butts sometimes (Yes, of course we clothe our children; we aren't that uncivilized!!). And even if they peed on the bed, usually protected by a plastic sheet, every household generally has a maid who does your washing for you (Now before you think we're privileged, remember that cheap labour is the result of overpopulation!!!). I would love to allow Shiv to run around naked here; there's nothing more liberating than being free of all that fabric on your body. But I'm way too paranoid about my apartment smelling like a public restroom. So, anyway, Shiv and I will continue to take our trips to 'pee pee' land, and I hope there's enough toilet paper to last us for a while!!!

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Jen said...

Go Shiv! Yay, for the little prince!
Oh, and good luck to you too, Meghana. Remember patience is a virtue, or so I've been told.