Saturday, October 20, 2007

A fresh start!!

I've been struggling with my thoughts the last few weeks. It's been a while since I've posted a blog and I'm afraid I'm hit with blogger's block! Anyway, I figured that instead of just moping around, I should try and overcome it by writing about it. So here I am!!! I think my basic problem is that I think too much. I try too hard at wanting my blogs to be very philosophical and inspiring, while all I really have to do is just relax and 'chat'. I tend to be a perfectionist, to the point where I've read and reread my blogs to death and then lose interest because I've forgotten what it was meant to be about in the first place. Jen, you're absolutely right, when you said that I should write for myself and if by chance anyone reads it, then so be it. Otherwise it's not the end of the world.

It shouldn't matter if I use simple words instead of looking up every 2 seconds to replace a trite term with something more astounding, or dazzling, or prodigious.....ok, ok, I'm going to stop right there!!!! Well, I guess that's my problem. And I suppose it's a little confession as well. I need to be content with what I am. I need to to be able to read other blogs and appreciate them, without being critical of mine and tearing it to shreds. I was talking with a dear friend/relative about my blogs being epic-long, and she simply said that the reader would stop if they felt it was too much for them. And that bothered me!!! And I've been thinking about it ever since. I need to write for myself, because it's my way of letting my thoughts out without bothering anyone. I need to write for myself, so when I read my blogs, I know that I'm a normal person with feelings and emotions. Sometimes a little out of control, but for the most part, contained!!

So, tomorrow, I will sit at my computer and write about simple, uncomplicated things. Like our trip to the Zoo, or my grocery shopping expeditions, or trying to get Shiv to eat his lunch...wait a minute, I was going to stick with simple and uncomplicated, right?!! I know that I will always find something interesting and wonderful to write about, because I have a beautiful 19 month old, who just amazes me everyday with his smile and words. I have a loving husband, whose sense of humour is what gets me through the toughest times, and whose love I can always count on. And I have a gift. I can write, and I will.

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Jen said...

As one perfectionist to the other, trust me, just write from your heart and they will be good. Maybe not the BEST that have ever been written, but we don't need to be the best. Have you read my post, "This Is Blogging Ridiculous!"? Blogging sure does complicate ones life, but it has its rewards also.