Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pizza & Pet Stores

The neighbours and I took our kids out for lunch to Pizza Hut yesterday. My craving for some hot, gooey and fatteningly delicious pizza made me suggest the lunch date. We were 3 adults, and 6 children; ranging from my youngest, who's 14 months to the 7 year old, who lives across the street. All great kids, but certainly could take lessons on table manners!! My little one insisted on echoing the 2 year old, who decided to test the strength of his vocal cords at the table. And of course, the other kids insisted on battling each other with the silverware.

Lunch wasn't too traumatic.....for the other diners!! Once the kids got their food, there was some peace, until the 2 year old started yelling," Ice-cream truck". Which then made my 3 year old start whining for some ice-cream, which Pizza Hut does not have. Seriously, it wouldn't kill them to have a bucket of some vanilla crap with a container of sprinkles on the side!! I spent the entire time, trying to bribe my older one into taking at least 3 bites of his pizza (he insists on everything happening in threes because of this age). He managed to nibble on the edges and didn't even get to the good part!! And then, of course, since I couldn't bear to see all that food go to waste, I finished his share as well as mine......double burp!!

My 14 month old is usually easy to feed; he opens his mouth to anything that is edible. But lately, he seems to be exhibiting an independent streak. He kept waving the food away and crying every time I brought it near him. I finally gave him a bread stick, which he happily wiped the table with. Honestly, trying to achieve world peace somehow seems more plausible than getting my kids to eat these days!!

After lunch was finally over, and I apologised several times to our server for the mess, for fear of being banned from eating there again, we headed over to the pet store across the road. It was like a trip to the zoo but even better, because firstly, it was free and secondly, it was indoors, so the kids were all contained, and not running around like wild animals. Shiv and I tried making small talk with a parrot at the counter, who kept giving us the "eye"!! But he was quite friendly, and didn't look like he would bite at all, as the sign behind him suggested he might. Of course, we didn't attempt to stick our fingers near his beak or anything, so I guess we'll never know if the bird can be a viscious little creature!

My neighbours kept suggesting I get a pet, either a little shitzu or a kitten, but honestly, with my two monkeys at home, I don't think I have the time or energy for a pet at home. Shiv seemed really excited about all the fish though, so that's something I might a year. All in all, it was fun morning. We got home just in time for the younger one's nap time, while Shiv and I read a couple of books in the afternoon. I'm still wondering where I could keep the little fish bowl, if we got one. Maybe it would be good for Shiv to take care of a little pet; name it, and feed it. But first I'd like to wait for my little one to start vocalising; just in case he accidently flushes the poor fish down the loo; at least he might be able to tell me what he did, instead of us turning the house inside out looking for it!!!

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